• 15th Central European Meeting

Looking back at Budapest

The longest-running annual meeting organised by the Regional Office, aims to provide an update of the latest trends, developments and urological challenges in Central Europe.

A successful 15th CEM!

The 15th Central European Meeting (CEM) held from October 2 to 4 in Budapest, Hungary, gathered more than 350 participants and attracted abstract submissions from 25 countries in the region and as far as the Middle East, Central and Eastern Asia.

We are thankful to all speakers, faculty members, training tutors, participants and exhibitors who made the CEM a highly regarded meeting in the past 15 years and an effective platform for innovative research and clinical work.

The CEM’s  comprehensive and insightful scientific programme triggers dynamic discussions and critical debate, thanks to our expert lecturers and local organisers. In future meetings, we intend not only to maintain the quality of the programme but also ensure that young urologists in Central Europe can find opportunities and educational support in CEM and other meetings of the EAU Regional Office.

With your help and support CEM will continue to be an open forum for scientific discussion that will highlight new developments and prospects in European urology.

Join us in Vienna, Austria for next year’s meeting!


CEM15 Bob Djavan CEM15 Peter Tenke CEM15 Peter Nyirady
Prof. Bob Djavan
Chairman, EAU Regional Office
Prof. Péter Tenke
Chairman and course director of the EAU 15th CEM
Prof. Peter Nyiràdy
Course director of the EAU 15th CEM


Top 3 highlights from CEM15 in Budapest

Romania wins Young Urologists Competition


A presentation on new genetic perspectives in prostate and renal cancer which describes emerging research data on the role of genetics in disease progression and diagnostics has won the top prize in the Young Urologists Competition at the 15th Central European Meeting held over the weekend in Budapest, Hungary.

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Antibiotic resistance in Europe remains a major challenge


Antibiotic resistance across Europe and in other regions as well has increased in recent years and the key to combat resistance can only be possible if doctors get their act together to reduce antibiotic use and avoid unnecessary procedures that contribute to patient vulnerability.

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Challenges in bladder cancer treatment


Challenges in the treatment of bladder cancer like BCG shortage, chemotherapy and alternative therapies were examined in the plenary session of the 15th Central European Meeting (CEM15) with experts looking into issues like adverse effects and efficacy of standard medical procedures.

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